As always, this is not a list of stuff released this year that I rate, it’s a list of what I rate that I have bought this year.  It makes the list if it gets played a lot, stimulates and excites.  There are not enough hours in the day to fully appreciate the amount of music that I buy.  It's a heavy addiction.

Points of note...The Emperor Machine (Andy Meecham) continues to keep me happy with many many remixes and releases and this year is no exception! Raster Noton continued to challenge and excite with releases from Atom Tm, Senking, Alva Noto and Kangding Ray.  With risk of accusations of favouritism, Kin;Aesthetic Recordings, Jeff Stonehouse, Rodelius & Maraglia, Branner Griswell released stuff which was absolutely brilliant.....and I know them all personally.  Nein Records is one to watch for Electrotech releases of note.

As always, I cannot put these in order of preference, it changes daily.

There may well be some mixes of tracks as per last years format.  Give me some time, they will be tracks designed to create body movement and one to create more atmospheres of varying extremes all created out of the following stuff........enjoy and feel free to make comments.......

Ringmodulator is still in it's infancy and will only get better


Alva Noto - Xerrox 3

Model 500 - Digital Solutions

Die Wilde Jagd - Die Wilde Jagd

Fort Romeau - Insides

Hanna Peel - Rebox 2

French Synth Lovers 2

Gabi Delgado - Zwei

Empress of - Me

Flanger - Lollopy Dripper

Roedilius & Maraglia - Ubi Bene

Senking - Closing Ice

Blancmange - Nil By Mouth

Trevor Jackson Presents Science Fiction Dancehall Classics

Pilocka Kkrach - Bestof

The Eyptian Lover - 1984

Marsheaux - A Broken Frame

The Orb - Moonbuilding 2703

Colder - Many Colours

Mika Vainio/Franck Vigroux - Peau froide le ger soleil

Kangding Ray - Coryarcane

Lonelady - Hinterland

John Grant - Grey Tickles, Black Pressure

Pye Corner Audio - Zones

Yacht - I thought the future would be cooler

Automat - Plusminus

Peaches - Rub

New Order - Music Complete

IMonster - Brightsparks


Branner Griswell - Versus


Barotti - Rising

Pollyester - City of O

Hotlane - S/T EP

Richie Hawtin - From My Mind to Yours

Pye Corner Audio - Prowler

In a moment (Ghostbox)

Craig safan - Warning Sign

Brian Eno et al - Music for films 3

Jens Uwe Beyer - The Emissary

Alessandro Cortini - Risveglio

John Foxx - London Overgrown

Holly Herndon - Platform

Hot Chip - Why Make Sense

Steve Moore - Cub

Paradise 100 - Northern Seoul

Ricardo Donoso - Machine to Machine

Populaire Mechanik - Kollektion 3

Schneider Kacierek - Shadows Documents


2015 Tracks/Singles


Rex The Dog - You are a blade/music hypnotises

Automat - Plusminus

!!! - All u writers

Tiga - Don’t break my heart/100

Chromatics - Girls just wanna have fun

Pollyester - Catarina

Marsheaux - Monument

The Juan Maclean - A Simple Design

New Order - Tutti Frutti (Hot Chip)

The Emperor Machine  - Anything this man remixes or creates!!!

Empress of - How do you do it

Ellen Allien - High

Jensen Interceptor - Auto Express

Die Wilde Jagd - Wah Wah Wallensteine (Etienne jaumet)

Fort Romeau - Saku III

Golden teacher - Instigator

Peaches - Rub/Vaginaplasty

The Galleria - Calling Card

Daphne & Celeste - You & I Alone

Gabi Delgado - Geschichte

Kornel Kovacs - Pantalon


Paradise 100 - Heat wave

Gaznevada - IC Love Affair

Fort Romeau - Untitled

Colder- Midnight Fever

Neneh Cherry & The Circuit - Dead Come Alive

Yacht - I Thought the Future/The Entertainment

The Golden Filter - Startover

Joes Bakery band - Can’t Explain (Emp machne)

Lonelady - Hinterland

Rita Furstenhof - Hadron Collider