The art of putting a damn good compilation album together is a fine and quite complex art, based on numerous personal nuances of both the curator and that of the listeners listening habits.

Ofcourse, it’s personal, very personal…and where some may be quite happy with an ongoing long term slab of inane radio fodder that wouldn’t encourage anyone to do anything but think “hmmm, i’ve heard that tune before”, there is another side that makes you want to check out more from that artist, label and associated acts.

It does need to be noted that the EMI collections of the same name as this Blog post cause me great discomfort….I was working in Subway Records 1983 when the 1st NTWICM was released, mundane, inane, horribly pressed records of capitalistic pop, bad recordings that was Music for the Masses at a certain time.  I forget how many of these albums I had to put through a plastic sealer before we could allow them on the shop floor……  I really should have slowed the machine down so that all the vinyl melted!!!

Back to the good stuff…..

It should be the fact that whoever curates an album, knows their stuff and it just makes you want to listen to it again and again forever?

This will be an ongoing blog post of compilation albums I have found over many years that still influence me.  There will be links, to previous posts and artists and labels…keep checking and enjoy......