Ring Modulator 2018

So, usually I compile a list of different formats and genres each year.  I am going to try something different, mainly because I’m being creatively strangled at the moment and I want to challenge myself.

I’ve acquired more music this year, despite trying to cut back, it’s my vice.  I don’t subscribe to streaming as a hobby, I believe the artist should get more the 0.003 pence per stream…wouldn’t you??  Although having said that, I can see the benefits of streaming in the modern world.

Memorywise, I’ve put a massive load on my Servers, due to the fact that I vowed to download HiRes Wav’s as the format of choice.

Having said that, vinyl and cd’s have played a massive part in my curation this year, aswell as Minidiscs!!

Earlier in the year I had two regular Radio Programs on Innov8 Radio.  Regretably, the station is on hold, this forced me to turn to Mixcloud, presenting my more Electronic Beat Orientated sets and XP…  a more Experimental, Ambient, Industrial affair.

External influences (like work) continue to take over what little social life I have and these Mixcloud sessions haven’t been as regular as they could have been, as is the same with the Ring Modulator website….creativity and persistent tiredness don’t mix.

Enough, Enough…….here’s probably 5% of what caressed my tympanic membranes in 2018……….hit me up tomorrow and it’ll be different.

Gabe Gurnesey - Physical - Just stunning, like a punch in the chest


Creep Show - Mr Dynamite - yeah, it’s an electro supergroup….but not


B.E.D. - Baxter Dury, Etienne de Crecy, Delilah Holiday - Late release in November,  less than 3 minute cynical electronic pop songs….  fucking brilliant….  ofcourse, I went on to check the rest of Ian Dury’s son’s albums and I’ve got a bit hooked


Etienne Jaumet - 8 Regards Oblique - Subliminal Sax and sequencers


John Grant - Love is Magic

Blancmange - Wanderlust

Sink Ya Teeth - Sink Ya Teeth - caught these two supporting ACR, been hooked eversince…..post punk funk electro


Qluster - Elemente


AEM - Distant Observation Of Solar Activity - Electronic Sound issued a fabulous edition dedicated to Tangerine Dream, they included a CD that was compiled by Ulrich Schnauss and I got hooked on French Nu Berlin School Kosmiche by AEM and Cosmic Ground

Cosmic Ground - Cosmic Ground - which dimension??????


Cavern Of Anti-Matter - Hormone Lemonade - Blissful motorik goodness from Tim

Cavern of Anti-Matter- Hormone Lemonade .jpg

Kosmischer Laufer - Volume four - fake or not, it’s brilliant


Baxter Dury - Prince of Tears

Baxter Dury - It’s a Pleasure

Dita Von Teese - Dita Von Teese - smooth as her legs pop with the help of Sebastian Tellier


Ex-Display Model - S/T - Fujiya & Miyagi’s Dave Best and AK/DK’s Ed


Fischerspooner - Sir - Bringing it up to date, but keeping it Fischerspooner

Fischerspooner Sir.jpg

Go-Kart Mozart - Mozart’s Mini Mart

Kim Ki O - Zan - Full on Juno action from Istanbul sounding like The Wake

Kittin - Cosmos

Meat Beat Manifesto - Impossible Star - Jack Dangers back on form

MGMT - Little Dark Age - Where the hell did this little pop masterpiece spring from??

Momus - Pantaloon

Soft regime - Hard Feelings

The Egyptian Lover - To 1985

The Presets - Hi Viz - Sydney’s best Electronic outfit return with a great album


Var - discophillia Belgica - Obscure Belgian Disco comp worth it’s weight in gold


Dub Surgeon (The Lost Future) - More dubbed out than a space echo drowned in hiss


Die Wilde Jagd - Uhrwald Orange

SD - Co Intel

Pete Hope/Richard H Kirk - Black & White Medicine - Unrelased Industrial electro filth from the mid eighties


Underworld & Iggy Pop - Teatime Dub Encounters

Japan - Gentlemen Take Polaroids - I’ve got into this album in the past 5 years more than I did when it was released, so the Half Speed remasters were a beautiful sonic purchase.

Soft Cell - Keychains and Snowstorms

I had to really, I initially had reservations as ofcourse I am loyal to my late friend Richard Smith (DJ Wanker) who wrote the early noughties sleeve liners to the Soft Cell remasters.  Amazing package, great remastering by Dave Ball, versions unreleased and thankyou Simon Price for a beautifully written book.


Nightmares on Wax - NOW is the time

Richenel - La Differencia

Wings - Band on the Run - of which I retained a six week earworm from Jet

John Foxx - Metamatic - How many copies do I have?? How many reissues…..well this is the ultimate…ok????


Boy Harsher - Your Body is Nothing - ticks so many boxes


Poison Arrow - If you don’t Love Me

S-D - Co Intel Pro

Sextile - 3

Silent Servant - Shadows of Death and Desire

Solitary Dancer -  Dualism

Soldout - forever remixes

Sworn virgins - fifty Dollar Bills

Tiga & Clarian - stay Coool

Tiga & Nartinez Brothers - Blessed

Beton - Directions

Fugutiv - Compoforest

Inhalt - Commerce

New Jackson - Put The Love In It

Soulwax - Esential 3

Brian Eno & Kevin Shields - The Weight of History

Abul Mogard - Above all dreams - beautiful, absolutely beautiful


Chra - Empty Airport

Chris Carter - CCCL Vol 1

Cosey Fanni Tutti - Time To Tell

Jeton Hoxha - Vowel

Jonathon Fittoussi & Clemens Hourriere - Espaces Timbres

Mika Vainio - Lydspor 1 & 2

Mika Vainio/Franck Vigroux - Ignis

Recondite - Daemmerlicht

Reptilicus & Senking - Unison - stunning live action and bass ball breaking synths

Roger Eno - Dance of Stars

The Advisory circle - Ways of seeing


Zavoloka - Promeni


Stephen Mathieu - Folio Boxset - a whole boxset of otherworldly ethereal dreams


Irmin Schmidt - ElectroViolet

Dengue Dengue Dengue

Honnda - Maraschino Mic Drop

Ramzi - Phobiza “Amor Fati” Vol 3 - Tropical post club bliss


Jay Glass dubs vs Guerilla Toss