Here we go again, weirdly there's not much in the way of tracks, EP's and singles.  As I always say each year, you ask me to list tomorrow and it will be different.  So, a huge and very broad spectrum of albums (probably only a tenth of what I purchased this year)......just to reiterate....this is music that I have acquired this year, not necessarily released this year.

I'd like to thank www.innov8radio.com for allowing me my own radio program.  I'm pleased to be able to present on a saturday night, but I do feel that I need to keep the show more dance /commercial orientated.  Ofcourse it's still "Ring Modulator" though.  I am hoping to be able to present a more left-field program in 2018 and if it's not on Innov8radio then it'll be on my Soundclound. 

I'd also like to thank Stephen Kin;Aesthetic and the rest of the Kin;Aesthetic GLC crew for inspiring me, influencing me and allowing me to spin.

I've been listening to a hell of a lot more Ambient/Experimental music this year and it's really healthy to see that all music is so accessable in every format.  Only the capitalistic unscroupulous labels are charging the earth for HiRes (we don't need them) and we are not likely to see Vinyl becoming any cheaper....am I making a point??

Anyway, as always, I checked a few of my favourite artists/peoples 2017 charts and found some stuff that I'm only just getting into.....


!!!                                                          Shake The Shudder
Johan Agebjorn/Mikael Ogren           We never came to the white sea
Zoot Woman                                       Absence
Golden Teacher                                   No Luscious Life
The Belbury Circle                              Outward Journeys
Various                                                Outro Tempo
STRFKR                                               Being No One Going No Where
Charlotte Gainsbourg                         Rest
Midori Takada                                     Through the looking glass            
Paul Blackford                                     Light Years
Alec Mansion                                       S/T
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement       Shapeshifter
Cosey Fanni Tutti                                Time To Tell                   Gelset                                                  Body Copy
Blixa Bargeld & Teho Teardo              Nerissimo
Porter Ricks                                        Anguilla Electrica
Brian Bennett/Alan Hawksure           Synthesizer & Percussion
Biosphere                                          The Petrified Forest
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith                        The Kid
Fatan Kanaan                                    The Botanist & The Archeologist
Various                                              Visions of Darkness In Iranian Contemporary Music
Nadia Struiwigh                                Leniticular
OMD                                                  The Punishment of Luxury
Ryuichi Sakamoto                             aSync
LCD Soundsystem                             American Dream
Blue Hawaii                                       Tenderness
Italconnection                                   Metropolii
Johann Johannsson                          Arrival OST
Fader                                                 First Light
Lone Taxidermist                              Trifle
Faten Kanaan                                   Pleiade Her 6
Daphni                                              Juli Mai
The Golden Filter                              End of times
Le Le                                                Le Classics
Steve Cobby                                    Hemidemisemiquaver
The Hacker                                      Le Theatre des Operations
Tranceonic                                        New Crime
Patrick Cowley                                 Afternooners
Hans Zimmer                                    Bladerunner 2049 OST
Mika Vainio                                       Reat
Burnt Friedman                                The Pestle


Surely there's more to this....   ofcourse, check out my Mixes on Mixcloud 

Hercules & Love Affair                    Controller
Pin Up Club                                     The Last solo (Machinegewehr rmx)
Alan Hawksure/Brian Bennett        Oddball
Solid Gold                                        Zoot Woman
D.A.F.                                                Al wars das lette mal (Boyz Noize mix)
LCD Soundsystem                           Tonite
Golden Teacher                               Spiritron
Italoconnection                               Voyager
Charlotte Gainsbourg                      Deadly Valentine (Soulwax Remix)
Christopher Kah                               Sway
Emmanuelle                                     Italove
Equiknoxx                                       Congo Get Slap (Ernestus Remix)
Friedman/Mortazavi                      YEK 123-12