MUSIC NON STOP, TECHNO POP..........stick this in your toolbox

(warning; this is a post about Beer, not music)

But it might be music to your palette!!!



Can you imagine going into your local “offy” and whilst perusing a confusing selection of Craft Beers you see this…..(a good off-license is beginning to resemble what a record shop used to look like and that is where Trafalgar Wines in Brighton comes into it's own).

Now any self respecting electronic music fan isn’t going to pass on a bottle of this are they?? and that was the plan for the Gentlemen's Listening Club, four music and beer obsessives......evening sorted.

Predictably, I suggest we have a bit of music you continue reading

“What’s it like?” ….I hear you shout

Well, A bright, crisp and fruity pilsner brewed with mango and orange peel is the description and without a doubt…..that’s exactly what’s going on.  Don’t worry, it’s definitely a Pilsner, but the mix of flavours is just perfect…..and more importantl it last’s until the end of the bottle.

To Øl is a Danish Brewery based in Copenhagen, actually that’s not strictly true, they are a Gypsy Brewery using others equipment.  They have been going since 2010.  They want to make beers that are potent and packed with flavour and character.


If you start looking at their other beers, you realise there is a Graphic element on view.  I spent last evening at my local bar  The Black Dove sampling four more beers from this fantastic brewery.

As the To Øl  website state, they want to make beers you won’t forget unless you’ve had too many….and er…yes…I’m afraid that’s what happened (lightweight)


The label from Releaf Me ( a belgian Blonde with Thai Lime Leaves) reminds me of a Hennebert Les Disques Du Crepescule cover….why shouldn’t it??  It is Belgian after all.  Now having read the To Øl website they use Kaspar Ledet as a graphic designer for their labels.  He states his approach is influenced by desgners like Peter Saville and Hypgnosis…..well there you go…….that’s why To Øl is going to be my sort of beer and brewery.  There is definitely a lot of music links and a lot of fun going on here.

So if you want a cure to a mundane evening (blimey, how many puns in that line), you know what to do.

Check out their beer…go to their Website, go to The Black Dove and go to Trafalgar Wines…….don’t rely on me….do it yourself............or why not go to Denmark and do it properly....